Motion accepts only a limited number of members per country.


Motion is a high quality network. Only selected agents who are trustful and reliable joins us.

Business opportunities

Together with Motion you have the possibility to increase your business worldwide.

Annual conferences

Motion organizes annual conferences at different locations. Our locations are well chosen and always in different countries.

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Payment protection

The Motion Payment Protection ensures that your money is protected.

Financial check

Each Motion member gets a financial check through Motion.


"InMotion" is the official magazine of Motion. Many interesting information about the network as well as conferences awaits you.

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Recommendation System

You can recommend us to forwarders you know and we will reward your company.

Profit Share System

Motion honors each shipment you handle with a member from our network.

Incentive Plans

Motion works together with ocean freight carriers and airlines to offer you a great incentive plan.


Motion uses a hightech IT-Software to provide a useful member area.

Motion Plus

Motion Plus is the newest group within Motion Logistics Network and the kick off was during the last week of September 2016. Motion Plus score with personality and a combination of modern tools and the old tradition. Regular visits to its members and face to face appointments strengthen the relationship between Motion and its members since the very first day.

Motion was founded in 2014 as an internationally operating network for logistics companies all over the world. Motion addresses all departments of logistics, from air and sea to niche sectors like fairs & exhibitions or project logistics. From years of experience in logistics and networking, the partners of Motion have realised that there are changes to be made in the field of networking. Quite a number of providers in the market just go for fast money, only a few have the whole issue in mind.

As a network Motion will break down outdated and rigid structures in networking. A network is expected to live, to pulsate, to move and, in any case, to be ready for changes in the market. Motion will be constantly on the move for its members. Motion aims at knowing its members instead of meeting them at the annual conferences only. This is how relations are supposed to develop, how trust is expected to be built and how objectives are to be pursued successfully. Motion wishes to really know its members in order to better meet individual needs. Motion wants to be personal and present, not just formally providing a network platform but steadily looking for optimisation, adaption and improvement.

With attractive tools and incentives Motion First does provide several opportunities to its members to gain profit and enlarge business. Become a part of Motion First, join the group, widen your horizon, make new friends and enlarge your business opportunities.

We want to keep our members in motion and to present this slogan readily in order to make our network succeed. We look forward to build a closer partnership with you! To those joining us: Welcome on board!

Daniel Jakob

Daniel Jakob

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Daniel has been working in logistics since 2000, at first in air freightexport for Bax Global, then one of the big integrators in the US market. Later his career guided him via Schenker to PanTerra. With PanTerra he developed and completely reorganized the fairs & exhibitions, air and sea freight sectors. In his position as Director International Business Daniel travelled worldwide several times a year. As a result, he linked PanTerra globally and made the company competitive. Due to his numerous journeys and connection to various networks, Daniel created perfect conditions for Motion Logistics Network. In 2014, Daniel eventually was appointed its Managing Partner.

Motion Logistics Network GmbH
Ulrichstrasse 35
73035 Goeppingen

+49 (0) 7161 6285 14
Alexander Muzenhardt

Alexander Muzenhardt
Project & Event Manager

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Alexander has been dealing with tasks in logistics since 2013 and he graduated logistics business in June 2016. Before start working in logistics, Alexander has been dealing for many years with tasks in cinematographer in many technical parts of video production. Since October 2014, Alexander takes responsibility for the media sector, projects, events and the support for all technical parts of Motion Logistics Network. Alexander started to study web development in May 2015 and is responsible for all homepages since July 2017. He speaks fluently HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQUERY.

Motion Logistics Network GmbH
Ulrichstrasse 35
73035 Goeppingen

+49 (0) 7161 6285 295
Anja Reisinger

Anja Reisinger
Marketing & Business Development

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After studying Culture & Arts Management and Marketing, Anja supported several companies with their PR, marketing and event management. In 2012, she moved to Munich to work as a project manager for a prestigious advertising agency. Anja joined our team last year and has since been supporting motion logistics network with their global marketing and event management.

Motion Logistics Network GmbH
Ulrichstrasse 35
73035 Goeppingen

+49 (0) 7161 6285 159
Waseem Ahmed Kaatib

Waseem Ahmed Kaatib
Director Indian Subcontinent

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After graduating with a Bachelor of International Business degree, Waseem entered logistics. He worked for a number of renowned and internationally operating logistics companies in India, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore. Waseem was Vice President of a small network in Singapore when he decided to join Motion. As Director Business Development Indian Subcontinent & South East Asia, Waseem is responsible for the development of Motion Logistics Network in this area.

Motion Logistics Network GmbH
No. 5 Nabi Khan Subedar Street
600003 Chennai

+91 (0) 80 2286 9860

Next travels

18th Oct - 19th Oct
Düsseldorf - Germany

23rd Oct
Berlin - Germany

03rd Nov - 10th Nov
Dubai - UAE

09th Nov
Muscat - Oman

10th Nov - 12th Nov
Singapore - Singapore

13th Nov - 15th Nov
Seoul - South Korea

Conference Dubai

Conference Dubai

The Motion Conference Dubai 2016 is the very first Motion Plus conference.


Airline Tracking


Use the Motion Airline Tracking System to track your shipments all over the world.

Track your shipment

Airline Prefix
ABSA Cargo Airline 549
ACG Air Cargo Germany 730
Adria Airways 165
Aegean Airlines 390
Aer Lingus Cargo 053
Aeroflot 507
Aerolineas Argentinas 044
Aeromexico Cargo 139
Africa West 858
Air Algerie 124
Air ALM 119
Air Astana 465
Air Canada 014
Air China 014
Air Europa Cargo 996
Air France 057
Air Greenland 631
Air India 098
Air Jamaica 201
Air Macau 645
Air Malta 643
Air Mauritius 239
Air New Zealand 086
Air Niugini 656
Air Seychelles 061
AirBridge Cargo 580
Alaska Airlines 027
Alitalia 055
American Airlines 001
Amerijet International 810
ANA All Nippon Cargo 205
Asiana Airlines 988
Atlantic Southeast Airlines 862
Atlas Air 369
AV Cargo 757
Azerbaijan Airlines 771
Biman Bangladesh 997
Bringer Air Cargo 417
British Airways 125
British Midland Airways BMI 236
Brussels Airlines 082
Bulgaria Air 623
CAL Cargo Air Lines 700
Canadian Airlines Int'l 018
Cargolux 172
Caribbean Airlines 106
Cathay Pacific Airways 160
Cathay Pacific Airways 160
Centurion Air Cargo 307
China Airlines 297
China Cargo Airlines 112
China Eastern Airlines 781
China Southern Airlines 784
Comair 886
Continental Airlines 005
Copa Airlines Cargo 230
Coyne Airways 575
Cyprus Airways 048
Czech Airlines 064
Delta Airlines 006
DHL Aviation 423
DHL Aviation 615
Dragonair 043
Egyptair 077
EL AL 114
Emirates 176
Estonian Air 960
Ethiopian Airlines 071
Etihad Airways 607
Eva Airways 695
Far Eastern Air Transport 265
Fedex 023
Finnair 105
Garuda Indonesia 126
Gulf Air 072
Hainan Airlines 880
Iberia 075
Icelandair 108
Iran Air 096
Japan Air System 234
Japan Airlines 131
Jet Airways 589
Kalitta Air 272
Kenya Airways 272
KLM 074
Korean Air 180
Kuwait Airways 229
Lacsa Airlines of Costa Rica 133
LAN Airlines 045
LIAT Airlines 140
LOT Airlines 080
LTU (Leisure Cargo) 745
Lufthansa Cargo AG 020
Malaysian Airline System 232
Martinair Cargo 129
MASair 865
Middle East Airlines 076
MNG Airlines 716
Nippon Cargo Airlines 933
Olympic Airways 050
Oman Air 910
Pakistan Int'l Airlines 214
Philippine Airlines 079
Polar Air Cargo 403
Qantas Airways 081
Qatar Airways 157
Royal Air Maroc 147
Royal Brunei Airlines 672
Royal Jordanian 512
SAC South American Airways 817
SAS Scandinavian Airlines System 117
SATA Air Acores 737
Saudia Arabian Airlines 065
Siberia Airlines 421
Sichuan Airlines 876
Singapore Airlines 618
South African Airways 083
Southwest Airlines 526
SriLankan Cargo 603
Swiss 724
Syrian Arab Airlines 070
TAAG Angola Airlines 118
TACA 202
TAM Brazilian Airlines 957
Tampa Airlines 729
TAP Air Portugal 047
Thai Cargo 217
Trans Mediterranian Airways 270
Tunisair 199
Turkish Airlines 235
Ukraine Int'l Airlines 566
United Airlines Cargo 016
UPS Air Cargo 406
US Airways 037
Varig 042
Vietnam Airlines 738
Virgin Atlantic 932
Yangtze River Express Airlines 871

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+49 (0) 7161 6285 14

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General terms & conditions


MOTION Logistics Network is the initiator and operator of a worldwide network for logistics partners. MOTION Logistics Network organizes new memberships as well as the annual conferences and manages the MOTION trust fund. Logistics companies checked by MOTION Logistics Network can join the network as members in order to cooperate with members in other countries. The individual members are representatives of a country or part of a country.


In the performance of their logistics tasks the members can contact other members of MOTION Logistics Network worldwide to receive information about their service sectors and the possibility of mutual exchange of experience. The membership enhances further development and consolidation of worldwide contacts with efficient logistics partners. In the event of a member’s insolvency bad debt losses are financially hedged under the conditions of Section 8.


Membership requires compliance with standards that have to be kept maintained during it.

This includes in particular:

  1. compliance of national and international legal regulations for the processing of logistics orders;
  2. mutual support between members;
  3. further development of the logistics network by gaining new members;
  4. communication of information to MOTION Logistics Network to optimize the network such as special performance or disturbances in the execution of contractual relations with other members;
  5. regular payment of membership fees and deposits;
  6. compliance with the deadlines for payment transactions between members as follows: reminders have to be sent not later than on the 10th of the consecutive month, payments have to be made at the end of the month following that date at the latest.


MOTION Logistics Network is entitled to check members whether they meet the requirements listed in §3. MOTION Logistics Network decides on membership exclusively. A claim to membership does not exist. Cancellation expenses from orders with other members in the event of the latter’s insolvency will be reimbursed by MOTION Logistics Network. Reimbursement requires proof of payment default provided by the member concerned. MOTION Logistics Network is entitled to estimate the probability of a member’s default. Here, the member concerned is obliged to provide any necessary information and documentation. MOTION Logistics Network is allowed to set up other companies or cooperate with other companies.


MOTION Logistics Network is entitled to cancel membership without notice

  1. in the event of the opening of insolvency proceedings on the assets of a member or its insolvency;
  2. in the event of a member’s delay of payment towards another member after the third reminder;
  3. if the behaviour of a member impedes, adversely affects or defeats the proper conduct of the logistics orders of the other members or of the tasks of MOTION Logistics Network;
  4. for infringements of conditions pursuant to Item 1 to 6 of § 3;
  5. in default of payment of deposits or membership fees after the third reminder;

The membership ends on dissolution of the member’s company.


MOTION Logistics Network plans annual conferences of all members to provide contacts and mutual exchange of experience among themselves. The members are expected to participate in the annual conferences.


Each member of MOTION pays an annual fee of US $ 500.00 into the trust fund and an annual membership fee of US $ 1,500.00. Branches of members are considered independent members and obliged to the same payments. Payment of deposit into the MOTION trust fund and payment of membership fees are required for admission to and remaining as a member of the MOTION Logistics Network. Membership fees and deposit are always payable until the 3rd of the first month of the year respectively until the 3rd of the first month of admission. By sending the application form to Motion Logistics Network the sender agree Motions terms & conditions. Trust fund fee and Membership fee will be payable by sending the application form to Motion Logistics Network.


For the reimbursement of bad debt losses from the MOTION trust fund the following applies:

  1. Each member of MOTION has to ensure that the other contracting partner is also a member of MOTION before placing respectively acceptance of order. The current list of members is available online at: www.motion-logisticsnetwork.com. Only indisputable outstanding claims of members of MOTION will be reimbursed among themselves.
  2. In the case of CC shipments the debtor of MOTION at the destination must have received the freight invoice by email or fax in advance, or three days after the arrival of the shipment at the latest.
  3. Each invoice and/or credit note must be reported to the MOTION Logistics Network website via ‘The Invoice & Shipment Report’ three days after dispatch of the goods at the latest. A reminder of payment has to be issued on the 10th of the consecutive month.
  4. If payment is not made until the end of the consecutive month despite reminder, MOTION Logistics Network is entitled to issue a warning to all members of MOTION that further payment claims to that debtor will not be covered by the MOTION trust fund.
  5. MOTION Logistics Network checks unpaid claims for the due date of the invoice and for legality. At this, the creditor has to submit all supporting documents for the payment of buying rates and settlement accounts as well as to verify transport processes by documentary evidence and correspondence.
  6. The creditor is obliged to assert the outstanding claim on the debtor juridically and to try enforcement of the claim and, additionally, has to provide evidence of taking action to MOTION Logistics network.
  7. Reimbursement through the MOTION trust fund is excluded in these cases:
    • Dispatch warning prior to placing the order pursuant to Item 4;
    • Agreement on longer periods of payment between creditor and debtor;
    • No information about unpaid invoice to MOTION Logistics Network via ‘The Invoice & Shipment Report’;
    • No observance of periods pursuant to Section 8 Items 2 and 3;
    • Participation of a non-enlisted branch of an enlisted member of MOTION;
    • Deposit or annual membership fee not fully settled.
  8. Each member of MOTION is obliged to pay an initial deposit of US $ 500.00 into the trust fund and an annual membership fee of US $ 1,500.00. Payment of deposit and membership fee is the condition for admission as a member of MOTION and potential reimbursement through the MOTION trust fund. The annual contributions are always payable until the 3rd of the first month of the year respectively until the 3rd of the first month of admission. Branches of members have to get registered as independent members.
  9. The maximum annual amount for reimbursement through the MOTION trust fund is US $ 10,000.00 per member. The excess per member and order amounts to 20 % and is to be paid into the MOTION trust fund. Reimbursements through the MOTION trust fund are limited to the total amount of deposits in the MOTION trust fund. The date of reimbursement is 31st March of the consecutive year at the latest. Only real costs for freight and related costs are reimbursable. Costs for claims processing, VAT and legal fees are not reimbursable. Expenses arising due to time delays, contractual penalties, duties, taxes, interest rates or others are excluded from reimbursement. The reimbursement of loss of profit is expressly excluded. MOTION Logistics Network can administrate cross-payments of debts and credits of the members involved. Members of MOTION that received payments through the MOTION trust fund must reimburse payments they received from their debtors to the MOTION trust fund.
  10. Claims processing is carried out by MOTION Logistics Network or an authorized representative. The costs are paid by the MOTION trust fund to MOTION Logistics Network or its representative as follows:
    • US $95.00 per hour, with a minimum of US $ 150.00 for claims processing per case of loss;
    • Any travel costs, flight tickets, hotel costs and any costs directly connected with the collection of the receivables;
    • Costs for local lawyers, private dedectives and other necessary means.
  11. If the assets in the MOTION trust fund fall below 50 % of the total members’ deposits due to reimbursements to members of MOTION, each member is obliged to pay a proportional deposit in order to achieve the original amount of assets, with a maximum of US $ 500.00 per member. Members that are enlisted with several branches have to carry the replenishment for each one enlisted. The duty for replenishment must be fulfilled within a month after request by MOTION Logistics Network.
  12. The liability of MOTION Logistics Network is limited to the deposit in the MOTION trust fund. MOTION Logistics Network merely manages the assets in the MOTION trust fund. MOTION Logistics Network is not liable for claims of members to the MOTION trust fund.


MOTION Logistics Network is not liable for any claims or damages caused by members. The members are not entitled to any claims for damages - whatever kind - to MOTION Logistics Network. This applies to claims and damages, particularly to loss of profit, that are or will be caused within a contractual relationship between members or otherwise. MOTION Logistics Network merely arranges contacts between members and cannot be held liable for any claims that may arise from the performance of the logistics tasks between members. MOTION Logistics Network is not liable for any reimbursements from the MOTION trust fund.


All agreements between the members and MOTION Logistics Network must be in writing. If any individual regulations of this agreement become completely or partially ineffective, the validity of the rest of the agreement will not be affected. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply exclusively to the legal relations between MOTION Logistics Network and the members. The application of the UN Sales Convention is excluded.

You can register by filling out the application form.

The membership fee is composed of the membership fee itself and the trust fund fee.

  • Membership Fee: USD 1,500.00
  • Trust Fund Fee: USD 500.00
  • Total Fee: USD 2,000.00
We have one conference per year. Every year we change the country and usually the continent as well to ensure that everybody has the chance to enjoy a short distance journey.
After your successful registration, we send you the login details to enter the Motion member list.
Yes, we offer a payment protection for all members within the Motion First network. It covers USD 10,000.00 per year.
Motion offers two different ways to find the members. You can download the Motion member list as Excel sheet at the Motion Newsletter (sent out every Monday), or you login the Motion member directory with your login details you got from Motion.

Motion offers several attractive tools and packages where you can benefit from.

  • Motion Profit Share System
  • Motion Recommendation System
  • Motion Ocean Freight Incentive Program
  • Motion Airline Incentive Program

Motion will honor each shipment you handle with a member from our Network*:

  • 2,00 USD per shipment (1st Membership Year)
  • 5,00 USD per shipment (2nd Membership Year)
  • 5,50 USD per shipment (3rd Membership Year)

  • Maximum amount = 1000,00 USD per anno.
  • We will settle the amount with your annual membership invoice.

Please send your documents to docs@motion-logisticsnetwork.com to get the Motion Profit Share. If you have questions about this tool, please feel free to contact us.

*Payable only for the active agent (Giving Agent) and only for sent invoices and full paid members.

For each successful recommendation (Freight Forwarding company you have recommended join Motion) we kickback 300,00 USD – 500,00 USD to your account. The level of the amount depends on the country where the agent is located.


Legal notice

Motion Logistics Network GmbH
Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Ulrichstrasse 35